Dustin at SMX EastI’ve been a firm believer in opening up content floodgates by allowing user-generated content for quite some time. From my time at Allrecipes.com and Wetpaint, I’ve seen how powerful it can be from a community standpoint, but also from an SEO standpoint. There’s no greater way to attack the long-tail of search then by harnessing user-generated content. Why have 2 or 3 writers, when you can have 1,000?

I’m excited to share my knowledge on UGC SEO at SMX East in October. This will be my 2nd talk on this subject (first was at Pubcon last November). This time I will have more data to share and more experiences to cover.

If you haven’t considered adding user-generated elements to your site, you are cutting your traffic potential short. Right now, you’ll have to take my word for it. In a couple weeks, after my talk, I’ll share data that I can almost guarantee will surprise you.