SEO Naturale is a search engine optimization consultancy based in the Seattle area started in 2009 by veteran in-house SEO Dustin Woodard. His experience performing SEO spans 19-years and his experience working on the web spans 21-years.

SEO Naturale focuses on driving massive amounts of organic or natural search traffic for both large and small websites. Knowledgeable in nearly every area of on-line marketing, SEO Naturale’s particular emphasis is on using tactics that work best for the client’s niche. Dustin’s track record speaks for itself: many of the properties he’s grown are the most visited sites on the internet, earning the majority of traffic from SEO & word-of-mouth, rather than paid advertising.

Some of Dustin’s favorite methods for building natural search traffic include:

  • Site tweaks, including URL structure, interlinking, naming conventions, stamping out duplicate content
  • Content strategy & development, using extensive keyword research
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Hosting communities or social networks
  • Harnessing User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Competitive research and content gap investigation
  • Earning backlinks and building authority by providing great value
  • PR/Marketing Strategy, focused on influencers & community participation
  • Video production