SEO Naturale is a search engine optimization consultancy based in the Seattle area, started in 2009 by veteran SEO Dustin Woodard. His SEO experience spans over 25-years, featuring an outstanding track record of catapulting inbound site traffic for many of the web’s top websites.

By being a small, nimble boutique SEO agency, Dustin can afford the luxury of choosing which SEO clients he takes on.

SEO By Unpaid Referrals Only

It started off as an experiment when Dustin was finished with doing in-house SEO and decided to launch SEO Naturale. Instead of becoming a desperate sales guy, Dustin skipped the cold calling, advertising, emailing, networking, sponsoring events, submitting proposals and other methods of begging for business, he decided to rely 100% on his reputation.

He made a 1-year rule: he wouldn’t ever solicit a client & would go a step further and not accept any business from a stranger. Anyone that wanted to work with him would have to find someone that knows him & was willing to refer them.

Clients By Referral OnlyBusiness immediately came in from former co-workers, former companies, and industry professionals who had seen what he can do. Later on, his happy clients became the primary source of referrals. 13 more years after finishing the 1-year SEO referral experiment, Dustin continues with this philosophy.

If you’d like to work with SEO Naturale, visit Dustin’s LinkedIn network, and see if you know someone who can put you in contact with him. You won’t regret it.